Chassis Pipes


Lelox chassis pipes offer a superior combination of low weight and very high performance – the tube is kept straight so that durability, strength and structural integrity are not compromised by bending or welding.

All Lelox chassis pipes are made in our Sydney facility. The marine grade aluminium base is cast directly onto a high strength DuraGal or Stainless Steel tube.

Over the years, the DuraGal coating, while not as shiny as some of the finishes available, has proven itself to be an excellent long term proposition with superior durability and in-field performance. Now you have the option to use Lelox chassis pipes with a polished Stainless Steel tube.

Since all Lelox chassis pipes are cast in our in-house foundry, they are very uniform – same shape, same size and all capable of very high performance.

Lelox Chassis Pipes are the strongest on the market and provide a robust connection between your mudguards and the truck/trailer.

Our chassis pipes and cast aluminium brackets are exported to a number of countries where they are valued for their superior durability and performance.


Chassis Pipes(Offset)

Dura-Gal Tube equipped with Black plastic end cap (BP1)…


Chassis Pipes(Straight)

Cast aluminium boss with dura-gal steel tube..

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