Stainless Steel Dress Strips


For plastic mudguards

Lelox stainless steel dress strips attach to the wide shallow grooves on the outer face of plastic mudguards. The strips are made from the same high quality mirror-like finish stainless steel used in our mudguards – there is no compromise on quality or performance.

The strips come in a sturdy pack and are ready to install. Included are 2 stainless steel strips, which have been pre-drilled, 4 stainless steel dome-headed bolts, 4 washers and 4 ‘Nyloc’ locking nuts.

One PMDS will dress up a single standard plastic mudguard (which has 2 shallow outer face grooves).

To get that extra level of style combined with durability and performance why not use Lelox cast aluminium brackets for your plastic mudguards?




Material Thickness Dimensions Weight To suit Plastic Mudguard Part No
Stainless Steel 1.1mm / Shiny 86mm x 1700mm 1.3kg Spraysafe PMDS1700
Stainless Steel 1.1mm / Shiny 86mm x 1720mm 1.3kg Truckmate PMDS1720
Stainless Steel 1.1mm / Shiny 86mm x 1755mm 1.3kg Maxus PMDS1755
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